Adding two sections of CSS to my page.

Hi All,

I KNOW this must be simple, but I can’t figure it out…

I have TWO sections of CSS that I’d like to add to the additional CSS area…

One is for changing the width of the site and it looks like this:

\#page\_content\_wrapper, .page\_content\_wrapper, .standard\_wrapper, .footer\_bar\_wrapper, #footer ul.sidebar\_widget, #page\_caption.hasbg .page\_title\_wrapper .page\_title\_inner, #page\_caption.hasbg.middle .page\_title\_wrapper .page\_title\_inner {

max-width: none;

   padding: 0 20px;


It works perfectly. I’d ALSO like to add this section to center our excepts:

.post .entry-content, .entry-header {



My issue is that I can’t figure out how to add both sections and make both work at the same time. If I add that 2nd bit to the section, it doesn’t seem to work! Please help!



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