Adjusting Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions with WordPress Starter: Impossible?

I am currently building a website with the free version of WordPress, and once I am done, I plan to buy a domain and use the Starter version of WordPress to host the website. However, I see that I cannot change the meta descriptions/titles, and the WordPress help page says I need the Explorer package.

Some people say you can change the meta descriptions and meta titles in the free version, but I think that information is outdated. Can anyone confirm?

I am currently considering launching the website with the Explorer plan with monthly payments, adjusting the meta data, and then switching to the Starter plan, probably paying for a three-year package to save money.

Is that plan reasonable? Is there a better way if I really just want to adjust the meta data?

  1. Hello,

    Consider opting for self-hosted instead of has limited customization options and restricts plugin uploads unless you purchase their Creator plan ($25 per month). I find overpriced and more suited for blogging rather than business websites.

    On the other hand, offers unlimited customization options and complete control over your website. It’s free to use and allows you to choose your desired web hosting. web host pricing typically ranging from $3 to $8 per month.

    Furthermore, is not just for blogging; it’s ideal for building robust business websites with its extensive plugin library and flexibility. Whether you’re creating a personal blog or a sophisticated e-commerce site, empowers you with the tools and autonomy to achieve your vision seamlessly.

  2. No – there’s essentially no way to do anything “custom” on []( plans below Creator.

    *”Is there a better way if I really just want to adjust the meta data?”* – yes, don’t use []( hosting. Literally anyone else let’s you do whatever you want with your site.

  3. Understood, but the free WordPress plan has an export option. That is not the real deal?


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