Admin of a subsite in network installation has no access to Code Snippets

I have a multisite, Code Snippets is NOT enabled on network, it is enabled on 1 subsite.

As super-admin I have access to my snippets created only (!) on this sub-site.

But when I create another admin just for this special sub-site, then he sees the plugin in the plugin list, but when he tried to access the snippets, then there is a warning “Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page.”

Furthermore, there is no “Code Snippets” menu item for this admin of the sub-site. This is really a hindrance.

I have to give the admin of this sub-site the role of a super-admin, only then he can see and access the snippets – that is not good!

Where can I change that, so that other admins of 1 sub-site can access the snippets from this sub-site, too?
There are NO snippets in the network snippets area, just on this one sub-site!


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