Admin Transaction Fees for WooCommerce Multisite?

Hi there, I am trying to build a multisite SaaS service that charges a fee per transaction for my clients but I have not been able to find something that can provide this.

I have seen WooCommerce Vendor Marketplace but I don’t want to set up a marketplace like Amazon / Etsy. What I want is to create subdomains that clients (I see people call them vendors here) can serve their customers within their own portal.

I thought multisite as the subsites won’t delineate from the network as all my clients will be offering the same service, just to their own clients & at varied prices.

However, if this sort of payment structure is not possible on multisite, I would like the ability to hide pages to a particular vendor and their assigned customers can only see that vendor’s content.


edit: I guess, pretend Netflix / Hulu, prime all used my infrastructure to serve their customers and as a customer you’d not notice it. But on the backend they use my infrastructure to serve their subscriptions and I take an admin fee % from each transaction.

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