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Hi Everybody, 20+ years doing web dev, first every wordpress site. So please, bear with me…

The site I am working on has following requirements:

• No budget for pro widgets ($0 budget)
• There will be 100 simple jokes on the site.
• Each joke will be on its own post page.
• The question and answer for each joke will live on the same post page, initially, the answer will be hidden/not displayed.
• Hovering (desktop) or tapping (mobile) the post homepage thumbnail card will reveal the answer beneath the question.
• In addition to the ‘reveal’ state of the joke being presented, once the user sees the answer, they will be given the choice to upvote (funny!) or downvote (not funny!) the joke. within the same card/thumbnail.
• Will be placing all jokes on the home page, categorized by tag.
• All post pages will appear as post thumbnail preview cards on the homepage, with the hover/reveal effect for the answer. Essentially, the user will be able to see all 100 jokes right on the homepage, and hover over each one to get the answer, then vote on whether each one is funny or not, all without leaving the home page.


So far, I have implemented **The Post Grid** to display the posts. The jokes and answers are displayed exactly how I want them to look. Great animation. Sold on this!

Next up, I am trying to implement the voting system. I tried a few different ones. I ended up with **WP ULike**. It is great. I can get the Like/Dislike buttons to show up on the full post page. But they will not show up on The Post Grid controls page. I want to drop a post grid with 4-8 tagged posts and then have each joke have the voting buttons.

Post Grid locks down the meta data it allows you to use. Is there a way to let it show the ULike Shortcodes? The shortcode just literally prints to the page \[wp\_ulike id=”99999″\] instead of showing the buttons.

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  1. You could always just code a simple form and save that data on a postmeta field. Way easier in my opinion.


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