After update, drop downs on Orders screens not working correctly


I recently applied the update to this plugin and now I’m getting two weird errors within the Woocommerce > Orders menu.

The first is when I try to use the “add tracking” action on the Orders page or “Add Tracking Info” from the edit order page. The dropdown for the shipping providers seems to be behind the pop-up window, so I cannot see it to select it. If I arrow down I can select the shipping provider still, but I can’t see I’m doing it.

If I hit the “X” button on the top right, I can see the dropdown floating on the page where it was supposed to be visible still.

I also have another issue occurring at the same time. On the Edit Order page, if I go to change the “order status” my selected order status doesn’t show. If I click “update” on the order to set the order status change, it gives a critical error and looking through the log it’s interpreting order status as null and throwing the error.

In screenshot notice that “Cancelled” is the status showing at the top of the drop-down (and what is shown on the edit order page is drop down is collapsed, but “processing” is highlighted gray like it’s the one actually selected. (Blue is where my mouse is hovering)

If I disable the Advanced Shipment Tracking plugin, the order status drop down works again.

I’m not seeing any other page errors to help figure out why this is happening, unfortunately. Any tips for where else I can look to find the errors?


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