AHREFs audit…tons of 404’s. Where did they come from and should I delete?

We’ve been trying to do some website maintenance and when doing an audit on AHREFs, we discovered dozens (hundreds?) of 404 links. We’re not sure where these came from, as most of them are URLs that we’ve never created. For instance, some examples include links like [mysite.com/www.tiktok.com](https://mysite.com/www.tiktok.com). Even if we ever linked to a TikTok, I don’t know why a link like that would appear on the site. I also see these kind of URLs when crawlers crawl our website, and they’re scouring all these links that to my knowledge, don’t exist. Is there a way to clean this kind of stuff up? I’ve tried inspecting our pages but I can’t even find where some of these links would be. AHREFs has apparently found 182 of these 404 broken links, and I’m hoping these issues don’t have anything to do with our site’s performance. Could these links be the result of any rogue plugins, or something else WP related?


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