All Tickets Dissappeared |

Hello @antritsos,

Thanks for contacting us. The plugin will delete only the ticket you have specifically selected, not all tickets. However, you can restore deleted tickets through the data management option in the plugin settings. After restoring the tickets, please try deleting the specific ticket again to see if the issue persists. You may also share a screen recording during this process.

Please feel free to contact us if you need further assistance.

Thank you. I restored the tickets and I then tried to delete some of the previous deleted and thy got deleted ok.

So I am ok now, I just have to delete all previous deleted tickets again.

I am not sure why that happened, but it looks I am ok now.

Thanks for your quick support.


Hello @antritsos,

I’m glad to hear you were able to restore the tickets successfully and that the delete option is also working well. It’s unusual that all tickets were deleted, which may have occurred accidentally if they were selected before deletion on your website.

If you’re satisfied with the product and support, please consider sharing a review.

Thanks in advance.

Thank you.

No, I had not selected all tickets.

Even if I had selected all then only the 10 should be deleted because only 10 show in every page.

But all the 42 tickets got deleted.

If I can help you figure out why that happened to my site let me know.

Thanks again,



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