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Thanks for your message. You can remove the option to book “multiple rooms” by working on the “Search Parameters” settings available in the first tab of the Configuration page of Vik Booking. The setting “Number of Rooms” should be set to 1, and this will remove the rooms option by keeping just the drop down menus for the number of adults and children.

However, our plugin will be using translations for “room” or “rooms” in many other steps of the booking process, and if you would like to display a different word, then you should override the original translation strings.

There are many free plugins available on WordPress to override the default “Gettext translations”, and this would let you to override the default translation for “Rooms” into something like “Lets” or anything else that you believe would suit you better.

Using a third party plugin to manage translation overrides is the safest solution available, and no future updates for our plugin will ever touch your override rules for the various translation strings.

We hope this helps!
The VikWP Team


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