Am looking for some insight and guidance on how to reduce load on server with a specific function. I would appreciate some help if could spare a few minutes.

Question about how you would pull this off, would help greatly! Thanks!

So, this is quite involved so I’ll try to explain the best I can to give an accurate explanation of the situation.

I work for an employer who manages hundreds of clients using our own custom WordPress themes, and one way to reduce storage size on the server was to create some custom fields that queries a directory on our server filled with `n` number of images (as the number of images can change), and populates the “choices” field on a radio custom field, so essentially we have access to this set of images from any of our installs without having to duplicate the images on each install.

This works, technically, but as you can imagine, this makes a request to the server for every page load, including backend admin pages (this was designed long before I was employed), and with so many clients it puts a significant load on our servers. What would you do differently to keep a similar functionality yet reduce requests to the server?

I can provide more info if needed, so let me know. Thanks everyone! I appreciate your help!

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  1. Can the external request be cached even for a short period of time? and/or cache the function that creates the number of images on the original server.


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