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Hi @onelifeseveralstories thanks for getting in touch. Web Stories are powered by AMP and the Web Stories post is an AMP document. AMP is a framework built with its own optimizations.

AMP documents must also adhere to certain specifications in the code to be valid AMP.

The Web Stories plugin does not create an AMP page for you when creating Stories. You can enable AMP for the rest of your WordPress site by using the official AMP plugin, however, the plugin is not required to use Web Stories. If you do wish to have AMP pages though then you can install the AMP plugin and use it alongside Web Stories.

Hope this helps to answer your question. Let me know if I can help with anything else.

Thank you for getting back so quickly Adam.
I do have an amp plugin running on the side though.

Shouldn’t that already be creating amp pages automatically?
Also is it important to have amp pages for web stories ?

@onelifeseveralstories No problem at all. This may depend on what you have your AMP settings set to. As we are limited to Web Stories plugin support here I would advise reaching out to the AMP plugin support team if you have more questions about the AMP plugin itself and why it may not be working as you’d expect.

It’s not required to have AMP pages for Web Stories as they are already powered by and a Web Stories post is an AMP document. If you do wish to use the AMP plugin though there is also no issue in doing so.


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