An error occurred while installing your license key.

An error occurred while installing your license key.

<scroll down for my fix!>

I have a site that I’d like to get wordfence up and running on. I thought I had it installed at one point, but today when visiting the dashboard it showed me that I needed to complete the install. Perhaps I haven’t been in the dashboard for a LONG time, and thus changes over time broke my original installation.

At any rate, I attempted to continue the installation. I opted to install the license, and to get a new free license through the provided link.

I received (and continue to receive) the following:

Error Installing License
An error occurred while installing your license key.

Please try again. If the problem persists, please contact Wordfence Support.


I have tried the following (with no change in behavior) after finding other free support forum postings:

  • attempted to uninstall/delete wordfence entirely from my site
  • deactivated ALL other plugins
  • changed themes
  • generated new free license (multiple times)
  • tried in alternative browsers (Arc & Brave)
  • Disabled extensions like ublockorigin, brave blocker, adblock plus
  • verified that my site general settings url is in fact https:// [redacted domain]

I did find within diagnostics that these settings are failing:

| Wordfence Config | |

| Checking basic config reading/writing | [FAIL] Basic config writing |
| Checking serialized config reading/writing | [FAIL] Serialized config writing |

from admin.php?page=WordfenceTools&subpage=diagnostics


WOAH – I just fixed it!

While I was perusing the diagnostics page, I found the log files section (towards the bottom). Within this, I downloaded my 15MB error log, and opened it in a text viewer app. Scrolling to the bottom (most recent entries), I found several errors that suggested that my database needed to be repaired. I double checked in the wp-config.php file to verify the name of my database, and within my hosting environment I opened the database, made a SQL backup, and then selected all tables and ran a repair. When I reloaded my site again, the error was gone and wordfence was working as expected!!

So, perhaps this will help someone. I read several other users who had the same error, but didn’t come across a fix that had helped me.

Best of luck to you!

The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]


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