Anyone know how to make post title’s bold?

I have a few blog posts and their title’s are bolded on the front page of the sight but not on the direct post. I made a mistake by using the customize feature and editing the font and font size, color globally, which changed everything on the site (stupid me lol), but I don’t know any other way to bold the title on the link of the direct post.

I tried the wp editor, and the title is bolded there, but I don’t see an option for bold, and it is still unbolded on the actual direct post link.

Any advice you have on my issue would be greatly appreciated

  1. If you can see the title in an editor go to text and try <b> before the title and </b> after. I’m not 100 percent sure of where you are or what you are using but if you have access to an editor, that should work.


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