Anyone know where I can find the page code to my WP website? Don’t see it in wp-content

The website got infected by a virus that has inserted invisible buttons on the website that leads to a casino website, or even new pages on the website that look like a casino website.

Unfortunately the backup is incomplete so I can’t fix it that way. Fortunately I only see 4-5 lines of code just under the <body> just on 2 pages (home and contact).

But the website was built using a template that uses a builder (Bold Builder). I can’t find the pages in wp-content. I downloaded the whole WP directory and did a mass search for some content on the contact page and nothing comes up. I don’t know how the content is being published to the pages.. I need to remove the bad lines of code.

Anyone know where I can look to find the code for individual pages? (PM and I’ll show you the website)

  1. You won’t find it in a file. Page content normally lives in the database with the posts.

  2. Install wordfence and run it. It might help find the source of the infection. Probably some obfuscated JavaScript is running to create the buttons, so you can’t easily search for it.


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