Anyone willing to help me update my site’s PHP version from 7.4 to 8.1?

\*Edit: It’s the outdated theme. I changed my theme to Twenty Twenty-Three and was able to update to PHP 8.1 without any issues. I’m reverting back to 7.4 and my old theme until I can find a new one that I like. Thanks everyone for your help!


I’m not tech savvy enough to decipher the error log I received from my host (below). But I’m willing to venmo someone to help me figure this out! My host would charge a few hundred but I’m almost certain the issue is a very minor one (maybe with my theme) that someone can probably figure out in minutes. Any help is appreciated 🙂



/usr/bin/wp: line 23: cd: /root: Permission denied PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function create\_function() in /home/dh\_khprvh/[]( Stack trace: #0 /home/dh\_khprvh/[]( include() #1 /home/dh\_khprvh/[]( include(‘/home/dh\_khprvh…’) #2 /usr/local/wp/php/WP\_CLI/Runner.php(1338): require(‘/home/dh\_khprvh…’) #3 /usr/local/wp/php/WP\_CLI/Runner.php(1256): WP\_CLI\\Runner->load\_wordpress() #4 /usr/local/wp/php/WP\_CLI/Bootstrap/LaunchRunner.php(28): WP\_CLI\\Runner->start() #5 /usr/local/wp/php/bootstrap.php(78): WP\_CLI\\Bootstrap\\LaunchRunner->process(Object(WP\_CLI\\Bootstrap\\BootstrapState)) #6 /usr/local/wp/php/wp-cli.php(

  1. create_function() is deprecated. This means that in PHP 8+ it doesn’t exist, like a word no longer in the language. The Rose theme says lifetime updates… it’s worth contacting them to see if there is an update, or might be one, for PHP8.

    Otherwise you’ll probably have to get a new theme, which may well mean a lot of rebuilding bits of your site – depending how much it relies on the theme – and how much is ‘independent’ (like a slider from a plugin you can get separately, against a unique slider that only comes with this theme).

  2. I just recently had this issue. Was migrating my site over to Kinsta but the migration was halted because my theme wasn’t compatible. Had to update my site’s theme entirely.


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