App for managing WP sites?

Hey y’all!

I was wondering if there is an app that I can use on the go to manage all my WordPress websites.

It needs to have functions like these:

\- Receive notifications based on events on my website (new form submission, new order, new updates etc)

\- Connecting Google Analytics and seeing the results.

\- Managing plugins, themes & updates.

\- Logging in with one click.

\- Toggle security options.

\- Manage website settings.

\- Connecting Cloudflare.

\- Seeing my site speed with GTmetrix or GoogleSpeed Insights.


  1. ManageWP for managing updates, backup and some basic reporting.

    Nothing exists for your other requirements AFAIK. Cloudflare, GTMetrix, GA is all done in their respective websites.

  2. WPMUDEV offers all of this through “The Hub” and their complimentary plugins. Mobile experience isn’t the best but it gets the job done when on the go in my experience

  3. I prefer MainWP over ManageWP. It connects with more 3rd party plugins whereas ManageWP makes you use their plugins.


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