Appending currency to URL on currency switch

Hello @brandon123and4,

I’m not sure if something like this will work but it can give you another idea. The goal is to get the current currency using the wcml_price_currency filter and to check if the currency is already set in the URL.

function append_currency_to_url($new_currency) {
    // Check if the currency is already set in the URL to prevent infinite loop
    if (isset($_GET['currency']) && $_GET['currency'] === $new_currency) {

    // Get the current currency using the WCML filter.
    $current_currency = apply_filters('wcml_price_currency', NULL);

    if (!empty($current_currency)) {
        // Get the current URL without query strings.
        $current_url = strtok($_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"], '?');

        // Append the currency parameter to the URL using add_query_arg.
        $updated_url = add_query_arg(array('currency' => $current_currency), $current_url);

        // Sanitize the updated URL.
        $updated_url = esc_url($updated_url);

        // Redirect to the sanitized URL.

// Add the action.
add_action('wcml_switch_currency', 'append_currency_to_url', 10, 1);


i found a solution using get_woocommerce_price(), thanks Andrés!


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