Are there any ‘set it and forget it’ business models?


Idea: I just want to make simple dimple single page sites.

Is it possible to just make ’em and then you’re done or a level of maintenance involved for the life time of the site?

The sites are going to be simple as hell.

Mobile landing page, contact us, client email, and booking.

That’s it.

Thinking about $100 a site and that’s it.

Can anyone here shoot holes in this plan?

I’ll be using porkbun for the sites.

  1. I 100% understand the impulse to do this. But here are some holes based on what I’ve experienced and what I’ve seen others experience.

    1) The cost to acquire low dollar clients is often too high for the work involved. Even when the work is minimal. The only possible exception *might* be if you can turn it into longterm ongoing income.
    2) The work will not be as minimal as you expect.
    3) Clients rarely respect or value low cost solutions or their providers. They will see participating in the project (on any level) as a very low priority.
    4) Clients who see you as a low cost provider are very unlikely to refer you to other clients.
    5) Clients who see you as a low cost provider are very unlikely to upgrade to a more advanced service that *you* offer. They’re more likely to buy from someone else when it comes time to upgrade.


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