auto-create a bunch of posts (or pages) from structured data?

Hello all,

I’ve got a website that’s just a long, dumb HTML page. (It’s at It contains myriad details about 70 songs in a long list, and I want each one of those 70 songs to be its own WordPress post, rather than the world’s longest HTML page.

The thing is, all of that data is in a (desktop software) database that I can do with as I like. The html page is basically auto-generated. And I’m comfortable with SQL. So it seems like, in principle, I ought to be able to load up the MySQL backend of a WordPress installation without needing to copy and paste 70 times using the admin UI.

Are there any tools or documentation that might point the way for this sort of thing, or should I not even try?

Thanks much for any insight!

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  1. Output the content from your desktop database to CSV. Import the CSV into WordPress posts using the WP All Import plugin.


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