Back End and Front End Time Outs, Slow Loading, Nothing Seems to Help!

The company I work for uses a WordPress site, and we’ve been having repeated issues for at least a year. It began with our cart page freezing the site completely if customers had over 20 items in their cart, upgrading our servers seemed to help this a bit but it still happens frequently.

In general, our website is extremely slow. It’s to the point where our reputation is beginning to suffer as people complain on social media about our site speed. Our backend is slow as well. The most common error we see both front and backend is a CloudFlare 524.

For some reason these issues do not happen if a customer is logged out.

Our web hosting company who maintains our site never has a solid answer as to why these issues are happening. We use the Divi theme and have what I consider to be an extremely bloated website in general; we currently have over 50 active plugins.

I firmly believe we need to strip down the majority of our plugins to start, we sell over 3000 different products and I’m not sure if WordPress is the best solution for our needs.

Any kind of advice is appreciated!


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