Background Image question

I’m a designer and technical writer, not a programmer. I’m using the twenty twenty three theme, but this is a core WordPress ‘feature’ issue.

I want a picture background on my website **and** to be able to use global text color styling in the full site block editor to color text and headings (and links, and for the global block styles to work, etc). How can I do this?

I was just told that the cover block evaluates the image and forces text and headings to either black or white based on it’s evaluation. With the picture I want, it’s evaluating it wrong and turning everything black so the text and headings can’t be seen on the dark background.

I was also told that the ‘workaround’ for this is to just style every block individually. But I don’t want to have to style every single individual paragraph and heading block on a site that is a knowledge base of long form articles, lol.

But I do want the picture. I just don’t want to be locked into the coding’s arbitrary decisions of whether the text should be black or white. I want it to be something else.

I’m open to any solutions. Plugins, trying to figure out how to do the ‘additional css classes’ thing I see in the settings bar and have no idea what it does, etc.

Thanks for any ideas!


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