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my website is

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Hi @ar3182

It does not look like the website failed because of our plugin, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to generate debug code. Seems like the website was working when it failed.

In addition, in our plugin logs included with debug code there are no errors at all, at the moment of code generation.

Even now when I go to your website it displays valid maintenance page of some plugin without errors.

I recommend you to update our plugin to latest version as you had quite outdated version, in the meanwhile staging feature received many improvements.

Ah, at the end I would also add that staging logs were empty, and it does not look like it even started, the debug code was generated after migration initialization which failed instantly.

If you want to learn more about errors on your website, please check out it will allow you to find the right plugin which causes the error.

Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with 🙂
Thank you!


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