Beginners Questions regarding PSD to WordPress

I have a blog which I have been running for a few years and I have decided to update the theme. None of the themes I have found online meet my requirements/design ideas so I am planning on asking someone to create a PSD which I will then get converted into WordPress. But there are so many things I don’t fully understand…. Please help 🙂

1. Normally themes get updates for security etc – what will happen to my newly created personal theme?
2. What is the PSD design built on – presumably there is a vanilla theme underneath with all the basic structure etc and its just the ‘paint’ I am adding outside?
3. So I create a new homepage and a few internal pages using my lovely PSD file and it has a number of blog posts on the homepage… What happens when I create a new blog post ? Is this new PSD to wordpress file static or will the homepage update like a normal theme I might purchase from themeforest and add the new blog post on the homepage?

Sorry I’ve tried searching and can’t find the answer!

Thank you in advance.

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  1. You could spend an awful lot of money getting this right, even with a cheap freelancer. For your requirements i would seriously suggest you research the themes available and see if they can get to 70-80% of where you want to be before paying anyone. Cos honestly, even if you do pay someone you aint getting much closer than that to your dream.


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