Best plugin for storing custom form data

I’m currently planning the integration of a small but very dynamic form into a WordPress page, and I may need some help choosing the right tools for the job. Here’s the key points:

1. The form has a lot of dynamic stuff going on with fields being dependent on one another and updating other parts of the page (for visual feedback)
2. On submit, some of the data that needs to be sent is computed based on the user input (there’s no need to validate the result on the server side though)
3. Submitted data has to be sent by email but most importantly stored in the database and easily accessed and browsed in the backend by non-technical users
4. Submitted data has to be retrieved in the front end by using a wp\_query (or similar)

Due to the nature of the form I’d like to build my own without relying on “form builders” for the front end that output the form instead. The goal is essentially a custom headless form that can either be submitted via javascript or regular POST request.

Any suggestion on what to use achieve the above is welcome.

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  1. Gravity Forms. I know you said “no form builders”, but GF’s API is top-notch – you can do practically anything you like with it.


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