Best practice for loading a template with variables – tinking of SEO


Hello gang!
I have a working solution which works pretty much as I would like but have one big issue where I am unsure what is the best route.
The template loads in a page named text-template which is CPT with ACF and based on url attributes. I use a shortcode to generate buttons with links fromt the available CPTs by terms in a loop. Like text-templage?w=1234 etc.

The point is that I expect a lot of these texts in the future and I want my selection menus to run by loops/automatically.

The problem is SEO. I have currently a title function that inserts the title from the CPT – which from the user end solves the problem. But this does not register correctly with Google Analytics or SEO.

I can do any solution in java/jquery, php etc. I am just unsure if there is a more sensible approach than url attributes that I am missing!

What do I do?

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  1. You need to add the necessary SEO fields to your CPT and add those as content when creating the post.


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