Best Practices for WordPress Development?

Doing an MVP and having massive time/money sucks. I’m certain there are best practices from people that have done this many times before. I appreciate any help I can get.

1. So I bought a very popular theme on themeforest (SaaSland). Multiple plugins break each other’s functionality. Any advice on choosing Themes or theme publishers that are more professional with modular code? I don’t mind paying $200 for a theme instead of $49 for a theme because the developer spends the cost difference in fixes that take time and money.

2. Aesthetics on the samples of the plugins were great but on the actual site look like dog crap. Anyone hired UI/UX designers, used UI kits that are easy to implement, or used plugins that simplify this process of making it look like a more polished site? (I have Elementor and it’s still pretty clunky)

Thanks for reading!


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