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Howdy friends, family. Got a question for you.

I host a website using WP that during the summer time, can have an average of 5,000 users at a time. But, during the winter months, won’t have over 500 at a time.

I’ve tried using different server hosting platforms—AWS and Inmotion primarily. Inmotion, I found, couldn’t host the amount of users I needed; and AWS is great, but I just have no earthy idea how to keep things properly updated, with it being a massive beast to handle.

Anyone have any suggestions for a good server to use? Or a good hosting company? Once again, looking to host 5,000 users at the highest, 500 at the least.

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  1. 5,000 is *concurrently* is not something most web servers can achieve with significant DevOps work. Certainly no standard consumer hosting. You’d need a proper VPS, a lot of memory and a lot of caching to handle that. I’m assuming you meant monthly (or maybe daily)?

    I’d recommend looking at an unmanaged VPS server (Linode, Digital Ocean, Hertzner, etc), and use a server management system like to keep everything up to date (eg single click php version change, automatic Linux updates, etc)


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