Best solution for replacing existing website with the new one/your experiences

We have a website built 5 years ago, it is built on a purchased theme which now looks outdated.

Because we want to install Elementor and not have issues due to old page code or data remaining, although it would be good to keep existing structure of the website (links are already indexed).

We decided to rebuild the website, and therefore wonder what is better to do by your experience:

1. Just remove existing theme, keep data that we have (some links remain due to same structure)

2. Wipe clean completely wordpress, install it again, and install elementor

What is the best practice in regards to this ?

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  1. A couple solutions I’ve used in the past

    1. Move the site to a staging area rebuild it as needed then push it to live

    2. Backup the existing site, restore to a temporary domain or a sub domain and rebuild under the temp domain. Update the temp domain when finished.

    3. Start from scratch on a temp domain.


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