Best themes for WordPress site developers who can code?


I hope this doesn’t violate rule #7, I read the wiki theme section and it didn’t answer my question.
Also looked up old related posts but a lot of the upvoted suggestions had been deleted because the posts were a year or two old.

I’m starting a WordPress business on Fiverr (for now) and mainly building simple websites for small-midsize companies.
I’ve been doing web development for 12 years so I’m really comfortable with code but only have light experience with wordpress.

Is there a certain wordpress set up that works the best for you?
Is Elementor something I should get into at this point or spend a few months building wordpress sites to figure out if it’s something I really need?
It seems like wordpress already has drag and drop page builders, I don’t really understand the necessity.
Also looking for any general advice to automate my site development.
I’m expecting most of the sites to be pretty similar to eachother besides the content (colors/text/images/etc.)
Sections will still be largely the same.

Thank you!

  1. The ‘point’ of builders is a) WP blocks are still a bit crap. b) a good builder (Bricks / Breakdance / Oxygen / Cwicly) lets you put all your archive/page templates together quickly. Throw in ACF and you can do almost anything – and build your own set of templates/blocks to use across projects.

    The builders I named all output clean code and offer a good UI. Others, wpBakery, Elementor, Divi etc. have aged badly and have either poor code output / bad UI or both.


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