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Did you initially add the quote using the “Quote” block with the “Plain” style variation, and then change it to the “Pullquote” block?

If so, it sounds like the block may still contain the “plain” CSS styling which removes the border.

Check the block settings in the side panel under ‘Advanced’ > ‘Additional CSS Class(es)’ and remove the classes from here.

Nope I used the highlighted quote block

Why remove this is-style-tw-icon

On your page I can see a is-style-tw-icon CSS class on the Pullquote block.
Possibly from another plugin providing it’s own blocks?

There is CSS loaded which removes the border like so:

.wp-block-pullquote:is(.is-style-plain, .is-style-tw-icon) {
  border: none;

If you remove the is-style-tw-icon CSS class then the quote should be bordered.

And If I remove the Css the quote sign disappear And It nor look good

Turned the Twentig plugin off and the border is back.

Turned the plugin off and then turned it on again now It*s woork


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