Block Editor Gets Laggy and Chrome Gets Out of Memory and Page Snaps


Just wanted to ask if anyone experienced laggy block editor and page snaps (due to out of memory) on Chrome while using one or two Gutenberg addons.

Any solution to this?

I have a laptop Asus Zenbook Q408UG with 8GB RAM. Using an unmanaged Vultr HF (1GB) hosting with Cyberpanel (OLS). Never see any high usage of RAM or CPU on cyberpanel or even on htop of SSH.

Edit: When opening Chrome Dev Tools, I do see Autosave actions taking 2 to 5 secs after sometime. Will disabling autosave or increasing Heartbeat time fix this?

  1. Curious to know how many blocks you have on the page. In your dev tools on your network tab, does it tell you how much data it downloaded?


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