Booting up WordPress w/o MySQL, with an assist from ChatGPT

TLDR: sqlite.

[Previous post on this]( in case you wonder what’s going on.

Ok. I got a process together to boot up WordPress w/o a MySQL server. This is using the [SQLite plugin released by the WordPress Performance Team]( The plugin requires a MySQL server to bootstrap the process. I wanted to eliminate that requirement. As mentioned it was not difficult, it was helpful that others have done something similar. Here is the [write-up](

So I wrote up the blog post with the technical details and thought I needed an intro paragraph. Threw the following into ChatGPT, including typos… You can see what it did. I wrote the section **How to Install WordPress without MySQL**. ChatGPT did the rest. LOL.. sorry too funny not to mention.

*Write a blog post about using WordPress without a MySQL server. These are the reasons: No need to set up a MySQL server anymore. No need to take data dump as part of your backup. One less plugin if you use a backup plugin.. This ay not be for many WordPress professional today as it might be a large paradigm shift. But it may well be the standard for tomorrow. Just pick up the files and go. No need for all those migration plugins. Fits well into a git approach with a CI/CD pipeline Fits well with working with Raspberry PIs.*

edit: added tldr and added a sentence mentioning sqlite. Was there originally but managed to delete it when posting.


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