Bug: “field required” warning isn’t disabled

Let’s assume:

Page 1:
Text1 (required)
Checkbox “I don’t have a text” (disabling Text1)

Page 2:
Submit button

The Bug

1. Field <Text1> get’s auto-focus
2. User doesn’t have a text and therefore clicks the Checkbox. This triggers the “field required” warning and disables the Text1 at the same time.
3. User clicks on “Next” and on page 2 the “Submit” button.
4. Now the bug: the form will jump back to page 1 because the “text empty” warning is still active (even if the field isn’t visible).

Expected behavior:

After the field is hidden (via dependencies or code), the warning should be ignored as well and a Submit should be possible


I tested this behavior with the latest Chrome & Firefox.
Plugin is Developer version 6.1.145 (latest)
WordPress 6.1.1


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