<span class="resolved" aria-label="Resolved" title="Topic is resolved."></span>Bug in css (2 columns) for mobiles ?

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Hello Guido,

Thanks for your theme MyKnowledgeBase. I’ve been using it for my websites for years.
But recently I think I saw a bug.

When I observe my websites with an iPhone SE (2020), it’s like the css are not loaded in some cases.

I have added the child CSS:
.postmetadata {
display: none;

Everything is correct on big screens.
But I see the metadata on the iPhone (author and date)
Furthermore the fonts are Times (default) and not Arial like on the big screens.

I tried to inspect the code, but I’m not a developer and I found nothing wrong.
The bug appears only on articles with 2 columns. It does not appear with Full Width Templates.

When I test these articles with an online “multi screen site”, or when I shrink the window size in the browser on a big screen, everything is fine (fonts OK and no “author + time”).

The version of MyKnowledgeBase is 7.4.
Is it a true problem, or juste a bug on my website ?

Thanks for your expertise,



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