Building a video-centric website

Hey all,

I am super sick of Qode and I’ve hated Elementor since the beginning. I bought the Coppola theme about a year ago, but haven’t really dug deep into it until now and of course their customer service expires after 6 months. It’s one of the most complicated and difficult to use themes I have ever worked with. My biggest problem is that the menu just won’t show up, no matter what I do. Anyway, I am done and looking at other options.

I haven’t used brick before and I am reading here that it’s really lovely. I am about to play with the trial, but I am curious about your experience. Has anyone used it for a video portfolio before? This is the first website I’ve designed that requires any video, let alone quite a bit of it. I will mostly be embedding from YouTube, likely, but I’d still like a theme that will look clean.


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