Building a Website for Lawfirm : WordPress or Custom Development?

I have a client who wants to create a website for a law firm consisting of three main components: a client portal, a lawyer portal, and an admin portal.

The client portal will allow clients to access a dashboard where they can track legal processes with their assigned lawyers, request legal services, and submit required information in a way that automates the request process.

The lawyer portal will enable lawyers to manage requests, update their status, create new requests, generate new user accounts for clients, send email notifications to clients regarding their request status, receive consultations, and respond to them.

The admin portal, while not currently a top priority, can be temporarily managed through WordPress’s built-in data management and manipulation features.

\* Each portal will have a custom UI design.

Now, here are my questions:

– Should this project be built using WordPress or custom development?

– Is it preferable to hire a professional WordPress developer for this project, or are there plugins that could facilitate this?

– What would be the approximate cost estimation for this project as a whole?

– Where can I find a reliable WordPress developer who can execute this project with utmost professionalism?

Looking forward to your insights and recommendations. Thank you all!

  1. > Should this project be built using WordPress or custom development?

    I would go for some CRM platform; but it’s doable in WP by good professional developer.

  2. Have you ever built anything like this before? Do you understand the legal requirements for document retention and security for lawfirm documents?

    If not you should pass on the job. I was asked to do a similar project once and there are major issues. I told the client I would be happy to do the public facing/marketing elements but I did not have the expertise and knowledge to handle admin and client portals.

    You know why? Because if anything goes wrong and they can blame you it is a 100% guaranteed lawsuit from a law firm. Are you 100% sure your business structure is setup properly to prevent personal liability? I am pretty sure but I do not want to test it.

  3. Yes, this can be built in WordPress. Yes, plugins will definitely be required for various features, but there is not likely to be a plug-in or set of plugins that provides all the features you’re looking for so some customization would be necessary. As a ballpark, I’d estimate that my agency would quote somewhere between $5,000 and $8,000.


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