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thanks for your post, and sorry for the trouble.

That sounds strange. TablePress does indeed mark these hidden rows/columns in that red/pink background color…

Can you maybe check if this works for you on a (free!) test site created via ? That way, we can rule out that it’s a more general issue, but we would then know that it’s either something on your site or your PC/browser.

Also, can you maybe take a screenshot of the issue, i.e. a hidden row/column, (you can create one by pressing “Print” on the keyboard on Windows, or Cmd+Shift+3 on a Mac, and then upload it to a service like and post the link here?


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Hi, Tobias

Sorry for the question.

After different tries the read/pink background appears when I connect directly my large screen to my portable computer. When I connect this screen to my portable computer via the dock the background is not colored.

I don’t understand why but it’s my problem and not yours. Sorry.



thanks for further testing this!

That does indeed sound strange. I can only assume that your dock is then maybe influencing monitor or computer settings, like the color profile, so that the monitor is not using properly calibrated color settings.



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