Buying plugins and themes from envato

Hey guys, really new at WordPress development and I am a bit confused about how the buying and using plugins/themes works.

I have found an interesting plugin for example on Envato. It’s Yellowpencil Visual CSS editor and it’s 26$. It says that I can use it for one product. But let’s say I use it locally to develop the actual site and I want it to be available both locally and on the live site. How would this work?
It also happens for themes. A 60$ theme is only usable on one website? Even though I acquired a license for it?


If anybody has any tips on this, such as a better way to buy and use a theme/plugins. And if anybody recommends some other visual editor (besides elementor which I actually had a bad time adjusting to), I would really appreciate!

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  1. One theme license is good for one live site. A local instance isn’t live. Yes, a $60 theme is good for one live site. If this is your business you should be adding this expensive into your pricing.


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