Cache being stored for Checkout page

Hi @donatelol,

Could you try to add your checkout page with (.*) rule in “Never Cache the Following Pages” option? You can learn more here:

It would be helpful if you could share the URL you have trouble with.

The solution didn’t work.
I noticed that “/?no-cache” doesn’t work either



Hi @donatelol,

I noticed that “/?no-cache” doesn’t work either

Could you try /?nopoweredcache=true

Cloudflare blocked me from accessing the website possibly due to geolocation settings. Since the cache buster parameter and settings are ineffective, I’m wondering if you’ve activated full page caching on Cloudflare edge.

Have you enabled CF extension in Powered Cache?

Cloudflare cache is disabled.

Please try to access again

The page doesn’t look cached –

If you have enabled caching for logged-in users, you may want to disable that feature. Other than that, it looks pretty normal to me.


See the CSS files, they are being loaded by Powered.


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