Caching + Preloading content for logged-in users

In an E-Commerce we cache and preload pages. This works great, until users log in (= get ready for purchase). Then we currently serve the uncached version, which is a LOT slower.

The caching plugin we use (WP Rocket) lets us create a separate cache for logged in users – but this won’t help the slowness – as behind the Login preloading isn’t supported. Hence, users will have to wait for pages to load – even if they are indeed cached.

The problem goes on, as we have two groups of logged-in users, who see different versions of the site. (need separate cached versions) In both cases, we would love to give them same site performance, as if they weren’t logged in. What do you guys recommend in such situations?

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  1. For an ecommerce site you’ll want to optimize the backend as there are many dynamic requests that can’t be cached (adding items to the cart, cart page, checkout, product filters etc)

    How long does it take for a page to be generated?


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