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I want to use the “Chack All That Apply” plugin to add different services as selected. I mean, in the same implement (fieldname1) I want “First Choice” to have the value 1 , “Second Choice” to have the value 2 , and “Third Choice” to have the value 3 . I want the result to be the sum of these as the user selects them. Example, if the user selects “First Choice” and Third Choice, the value returned by the sum will be 4.
How can we do this? https://prnt.sc/UuPZsEFUVsYu

I saw a similar question in the forum regarding the “Selct a Choice” plugin, which changes the value depending on the chosen option, but I can’t add them when there are several options. https://projectdmc.org/support/topic/drop-down-calulate/

Thank you and greetings.


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