Can I add a form to a post that is only visible to the post author?

Can I create a form that is part of a post, but only visible to that post’s author, and continuously editable by them at any time? This is for a geodirectory site and the form will be a special “application” of sorts where a business adds private info for our review to apply for a special program.

I don’t know if I should add this into the main profile page for each business (with custom fields), which feels unwieldy, or if I can use WPForms and keep it separate, or….

Thank you!

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  1. Are you comfortable working with some PHP of your own? Not sure if there’s a plugin with this feature, but the logic is very simple:

    if (get_current_user_id() == get_the_author_meta(‘ID’)) {
    // output form here

    You could potentially create your own shortcode that outputs a form from WPForms but runs this check to see if the current user is the author of the post.


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