Can I convert ACF Flexible Content layouts into their own group? If I can, should I?

I have been making a page builder using ACF Flexible Content and have made around 16 blocks or components, each with around 7 fields. The caveat to this is that the field saves to one JSON file using \`acf/save\_json\` which was fine, however, some recent merge conflicts have got me thinking about the following.

1. Creating a group for each would be layout inside my Flexible Content field

2. Make said group inactive

3. Use a Clone field in my Flexible Content field to pull in the fields I want


I was thinking that groups create their own JSON files on save so the only way a developer could have an issue is if they explicitly work on the same component.

Given this, I was wondering if it’s possible to programmatically convert what I have into their own groups?

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