Can I remove the social sharing buttons on a blog post? (

I can’t figure how to do this, and it’s driving me nuts. When I Google the issue, I’m directed towards nonexistent menus in the dashboard.

I’m new to WP, and I’m finding this editor / dashboard borderline unusable.

  1. Ditch wordpress.COM and learn wordpress.ORG. Then your google searches actually will return useful results.

  2. 1. **Log in to your Dashboard**: Go to your website’s dashboard.
    2. **Edit the Post**: Navigate to the specific blog post you want to edit and click “**Edit**.”
    3. **Disable Sharing Buttons**: In the block editor, click on the block that contains the social sharing buttons. You should see a block toolbar appear above it. Look for the “**More** **Options**” (three vertical dots) button and click on it. Then, select “**Disable**.”
    4. **Update the Post**: Don’t forget to click the “**Update**” button to save your changes.

    This should remove the social sharing buttons from your blog post.


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