Can I stick a complex web app to a WordPress site?

Hello, I’m working on the automation of a intern process of a business but we already have a WordPress site hosted in GoDaddy. The solution is not a normal WordPress content page, it’s more like an application with functions like client management, custom data base tables for this specific process, staff management, evaluation, and results of those evaluations, generation of reports in PowerPoint, Word and PDF formats. It needs a roll system to assign tasks to the users of the software, it has to notify that a user has completed its tasks, it should be able to explore SharePoint documents, use the Microsoft login, etc.

My first idea was to do this in a framework like Laravel or even a PHP, HTML and CSS page with a custom user interface to provide access to all those functions, but this implies the hosting of a new website and my boss asked if we could add those functions to the WordPress site.

Is it possible to add that level of personalitation to a WordPress site?


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