Can my website performance get better?


I am new enough to WordPress but I have a medium to large website (20+ pages) and I was using elementor pro to build and have roughly 20 active plugins. I wanted to tackle the performance of the website which was giving me a 31 score on Google pagespeed.

My website is setup with Siteground and I went through all the settings in SG Optimizer and enabled all the recommended settings. This did absolutely nothing for the performance, the caching is working, the website loads in less than 100ms but the performance metric tools give my website a really bad score.

Can I still get the performance up to 70-80-90?


  1. Yes, your score is pretty bad, and can definitely be improved. In the accordion section (at the bottom of your screenshot), click the down arrows for hints of how to fix your issues.

  2. I found a very similar question in the SG FB Group, and their answer was the following:

    “Our Speed Optimizer plugin is designed to offer a hassle-free experience for optimizing website performance without requiring technical knowledge.

    However, each website is unique in terms of active plugins, themes, and custom setups involving scripts or other assets, which can affect speed test results. Additional tweaks may be needed in some cases.

    We’d be glad to review the speed test results you have been getting while using our plugin. We recommend reaching out to our support team through the Help Center in your account so our technicians can assist you further.”

  3. Do you really need Elementor? What’s your site about? There are a lot of factors that determine a site’s performance, but to summarize you will need:

    1. a good quality host

    2. page and persistent object caching at origin

    3. only those plugins and third party scripts that are absolutely essential

    4. a performant theme or a page builder

  4. You can easily achieve a Google PageSpeed score of 70+ with the help of the WP Rocket plugin. Its powerful features, including page caching, browser caching, GZIP compression, lazy loading, minification of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files, database optimization, and CDN integration, work together to significantly enhance your website’s performance. With WP Rocket, optimizing your site for speed becomes straightforward and effective.

  5. i never get below 95 in any metric of that scoring for desktop, mobile can be slightly different. dont know what you use and what you do wrong but a couple years ago when i started i had pretty bad hosting which i changed for better hosting that improved a good part of it and there are some things to do to use the full potential and reach a good scoring.

    you need to open the tabs from reduce blocking resources, largest contentful paint and third party code for us to help you or even better, share the link.

  6. With First and Largest Contentful Paint so high, it’s possible you have some improperly optimized image objects.

    With respect, your site is tiny. Medium-sized sites have hundreds of pages/posts, and large ones have tens of thousands.

    If you ask another question and show us your URL you may get more useful advice.


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