Can the WordPress Core team, please address Plugins taking up 85% of the Admin area, with their “Pitches”

This is an ever growing problem, so many “Premium Plugins” or just regular plugins that I use, are Hijacking the WordPress Admin area.

They try to pitch you even more services to buy or some make announcements that I could care less about.

Honestly, I don’t know how the community feels, but I personally think this is very annoying at the least, and very disruptive.

Having splash ads commercials blasted should not be allowed. The maximum plugin should get is maybe 3 to 4 lines and it should be used judiciously, only to communicate critical information.

Thanks .

  1. It’s already not allowed.

    >11. Plugins should not hijack the admin dashboard.


    If there is a plugin that is, I’d say report it. That being said, the “admin dashboard” is not the same thing as “anywhere in the admin area”. The dashboard is the main landing page where you see things like dashboard widgets. If you are on a page that is specific to the plugin (like its settings page), that’s a perfectly appropriate place to present info about the plugin.

  2. You’re better off submitting this directly to WordPress Dev team. This is just sub for content creators and developers.

  3. I think the only hitch would be if you had a plug-in designed to modify the admin area.

    I’m not suggesting that exists, or even should exist, just saying that any rule restricting alteration would inevitably hamper the ability to modify

  4. There are plugins to prevent that. Never installed one, but one day I may. Sometimes I login to a WP dashboard where I don’t go so often and most of the screen is taken over with offers, specials, “rate me” stars, and so on…. So annoying.

  5. You can enqueue an admin css file or script to handle these either in a plugin or your theme. Better would be to minimize plugin usage, and avoid the ones with obnoxious banners you can’t close.

  6. Another reason not to use Yoast as it’s one of the worst offenders.
    If Yoast (the plugin) was a person it would die from anxiety and paranoia.

  7. You are right to be frustrated. I agree wish you.

    But this will never change.

    I hide all of these notices on every client site.

  8. Lol imagine coming a reddit sub to complain about something so trivial. They’re running a business mate.

  9. There are plugins to hide such pollution in the admin e.g. [])

    Or, switch plugins to ones that are more respectful of the admin zone.

  10. Yes, please remove ads and have an option to COMPLETELY…JUST COMPLETELY remove comments with ONE button for people building sites without the “blogging” component.

    thank you.

  11. This is a recurring discussion on this sub. There are so many problems with this proposal, but first and foremost – how do you propose that WP would do it? Do you want them to remove the hook? No problem – it’s still achievable easily with admin JS.

    Or do you want them to remove the admin JS enqueue feature? That would cripple so much customization in the admin area – I’d say more than 50% of the plugins that operated within your admin area count on it – for example ACF

  12. Have you considered to JUST STOP USING THOSE PLUGINS?

    No plugin is required to use WordPress. There is no plugin that cannot be replaced. If a plugin is an issue, stop using it.

    This seems really obvious. Why isn’t it?

  13. You wrote that repository plugins can’t hijack the dashboard, but 3rd-party and premium ones can.

    That’s not true, with respect. Any plugin can do that sort of thing. There’s no privileged access for certain plugins. Any installed plugin can do pretty much anything to your site.

    But THIS is true. If you write a plugin that does something like this and violates guidelines, the plugin review team will reject it and not allow it in the repository. That’s good. But they don’t review changes to plugins one they have been approved to go into the repo. So a bad actor could hijack the dash intentionally, by getting an innocuous plugin approved, then changing it.

    If you can make a clear case for this kind of malevolence, do it in a one-star review of the plugin. I’m pretty sure a human on the plugin repo team looks at one-star reviews for complaints like this, and deals with them by suspending or removing the plugin.

    But make sure your review is factual and clear. They also ban reviewers for scurrilous one-star reviews.


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