Can you check if a user has purchased via the Apple/Google AppStore to provide access to a WordPress website?

New to WordPress 👋

Say I want to build an app that has a wordpress main site and the app uses the database for its backend. I want to build say a planner feature in the app which would be subscribed through in app purchases. I understand the api used for the planner would be built in the wordpress site. But how can I have the wordpress site check if the user already has an AppStore subscription and then provide them access to the website? I’ve looked for plugins but could find any. I would use a service like revenuecat on the app side but I didn’t see any integration info in their docs.

TLDR; I want to verify if a mobile app user already has a subscription(through in app purchases) and provide them equal access to my wordpress website and the reverse. How can this be done? TYIA


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