Can you use wordpress to make a block chain database to store randomly generated information and not for transactions?

I wanna make a site that’s like [](, a true random number generator, except I want my hypothetical site to store the numbers and the time of generation in a permanent, decentralized, easily searchable database that tracks any modifications or deletions that took place within that database. Is this possible to do in wordpress, and if so, is there any financial cost I should be aware of?

  1. Permanent and easily searchable? uuid4’s got you. would be fairly straightforward to make a wp plugin for this. making it decentralized, however? you’re asking to make a whole new tech stack somewhere. I suppose you could do with a new lemp stack + storj. for it to be actually decentralized, who else would run it in parity? and how would you want to keep it audited?


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