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WordPress apparently can’t send emails OR your email service provider rejects them because they look like spam. To solve this, you would need to contact your hoster’s support. There may be a setting there that is interfering with sending.

Alternatively, you can also install an SMTP plugin. This allows you to send emails to an email account via SMTP authentication. The emails will then no longer go via your hoster but directly via your email service provider. This ensures delivery. One such SMTP plugin is this one, for example:

To change the admin email without the email confirmation, you can also access the WordPress database directly. There is the table “options” (preceded by a project-specific prefix of your WordPress installation) in which a data record with the option_name “admin_email” can be found. You can adjust its “option_value” there directly. Your hoster’s support team can tell you how to access the database to do this.

Thank you @threadi I will try doing it on my database.

Hi, I went to the database and according to that, the contact email IS the one I wanted. So I don’t understand why it says my personal email is the admin email in the WP dashboard.

Any ideas why this could be?


As you have already started the process for exchanging emails, there could also be something in the “new_admin_email” field. I think you need to empty or delete this so that the view changes.

Thank you. Sorry where do I find the “new_admin_email” field?

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Also in the options-table.

Thanks, I appreciate your help, but I have not accessed any options table. I only know the WP admin area and my domains listed in my WHM page. That’s where I can see the “contact email” for each site. Am I in the wrong place on the server? Or is “Contact Email” different from admin email?


I was still talking about the database table on the assumption that you were referring to this. You can access it with the help of your hosting support.

WordPress only recognises the admin email which you can find under Settings > General (I assumed you were referring to this). See:

In addition, every user has their email stored in their account. You can see this under Users.

If you see anything with “Contact Email”, it comes from a plugin you are using.

Thanks I will try and access the database. Sorry I thought the Web Host Manager was the server. That’s where it shows the Contact Email. But I will go in directly to the database.

Yay, I did it. Thank you @threadi ! I used phpmyadmin and it did have the old email in the table. Thanks a lot for your help.


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